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University of Illinois, iMBA Certified Digital Marketing Specialist and Freelance SEO & Content Marketing Consultant for Real Estate

Developing With a Passion, Transforming with the Digital!

Blessing in Misery

After graduating with a Master’s in Engineering, I was not passionate about my field.

Arising by Passion

So, I started to learn marketing skills from scratch; attending many seminars as possible, reading many resources as possible, and graduating with university certifications.

Learning to Grow

I am certified by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IE Business School Spain, and UC DAVIS California to help you with marketing strategies and digital channels.

Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship — That’s what I am passionate about!

I’ve been involved in a multitude of exciting projects. I have effectively spearheaded content marketing campaigns for real estate marketing in California, developed a market strategy for NISSAN, and crafted a digital marketing strategy for Grainger, the largest seller of the IMO segment in the USA.

My Accomplishments

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

iMBA Program: I studied eight-month intensive Digital Marketing MOOCs from the University of Illinois, which is also a part of their iMBA program.

I implemented concepts, practices, and tools to engage with customers in a systematic and integrated way using digital channels. I applied these skills to a real-life capstone project for Grainger.

IE Business School, Spain certification for Ahsan Khurram

IE Business School, Spain

Marketing Strategy: In this specialization, I covered the concepts and tools needed to develop a marketing strategy for a business, product, or service by analyzing the famous four Ps of marketing

I began by understanding consumers and the main market research techniques, then how to correctly segment, target, and position a product to achieve success.

UC DAVIC university certification for Ahsan Khurram

University of California, Davis

Search Engine Optimization: Designed and taught by industry-leading experts – I learned with modern real-world experiences, knowledge, and skills needed to optimize websites for search engines.

Based on SEO theories, I practiced and applied essential, hands-on SEO skills, to lead a comprehensive SEO consulting project.

A targeted marketing effort resonates with your potential customers

Ahsan Khurram

With a comprehensive experience spanning over four years, coupled with prominent university certifications in digital marketing strategy, SEO, and content marketing, I have developed data-driven campaigns that yield an optimal return on investment.


Content Marketing

Tell your story & attract more customers with sales-driving content marketing strategies I can support your business with content that helps you sell better and grow faster.

Search Engine Optimization

I build custom SEO plans that deliver results. Whether you need to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, or revenue… it all starts with organic search visibility.

Digital Marketing Strategy

It takes more than a website and social media to make 6-7 figures. Use targeted efforts that generate the highest ROIs. Grow your business with tailored marketing strategies.

Targeted Marketing
Data-Driven Approach
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