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Digital Marketing Portfolios

Content Marketing Consultation*

Santa Rosa Real Estate

Market Research

I conducted SWOT and competitor analysis in the real estate sector in Santa Rosa, California.

Customers Personas

I built different customer personas by identifying consumer behavior, interests, pain points, and demographics.

Content Marketing Plan

I built a content strategy for the stakeholder and advised content topics.

Content Suggestion based on Customer Journey

Digital Marketing Specialist*

Market Research

I performed market research, and brand & SWOT analysis for Grainger in the MRO industry. I created customer personas & mapped out customer decision journeys.

Marketing Analytics

I managed a data analytics project for digital campaigns to answer marketing questions.

Digital Marketing Strategy

I created a digital marketing strategy & suggested content for marketing channels. I defined success metrics, KPIs, & tests to verify the recommended campaign.

Marketing Assistant*

NISSAN Leaf & Bogotá’s Tourism & Hotel Sector

  • I performed market research, identified consumer behaviors, and conducted brand & SWOT analysis

  • I planned financial & nonfinancial objectives, segmented customers and defined strategic objectives

  • I proposed a marketing mix implementation for Bogotá’s hotel through the 4 Ps of marketing.

  • I proposed a marketing mix implementation for Nissan Leaf with a review of the 4 Ps of marketing.

  • I planned a market budget with projected sales & revenue sheets to achieve marketing goals

Marketing Analyst*

OSEMN Data Framework

I applied a data analysis process, OSEMN. I used SQL to pull data from a database. I scrubbed, explored, & interpreted data using spreadsheets and Python libraries (panda). I generated reports on Tableau.

Statistical Analyses

I applied descriptive & inferential statistical, cluster analyses, and hypothesis testing to answer marketing questions.

Experimental Methods on Facebook

I applied brand & conversion lift tests over Facebook & conducted an A/B test to optimize the ad.

linear regression model: Clicks vs Conversions

SEO Consultant*

Architecture Industry

  • I gauged SEO opportunities for the website & developed a target persona for the architecture industry.

  • I conducted organic, competitors analysis, and technical SEO audit for the website

  • I did keyword research in the context of customer journeys with informational or transactional KWs.

  • I conducted content analyses, identified opportunities, and recommended potential topics.

  • I suggested keywords for existing and suggested pages with SEO metrics to track & optimize.

Social Media Marketing


I created customer personas & social media business pages. I designed posts & brand assets for social profiles in Photoshop & Canva.

Social Ads Campaign

I ran an entire AD campaign on Facebook & analyzed ad reports against marketing goals. I implemented brand surveys, holdout tests, and A/B tests on Facebook.

Marketing Insights

I presented campaign results to stakeholders like ROAS, ROI, Customer LTV, etc., and made recommendations.

Facebook Ads Campaign

* I have done these projects for my specialization studies on Coursera.

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