Digital Marketing Qualifications

Digital Marketing Specialization

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I studied an eight-month intensive Digital Marketing MOOC* from the University of Illinois, which is also a part of their iMBA program. I applied learned skills to a real-life capstone project setup in partnership with Grainger.

Marketing Strategy Specialization

IE Business School, Spain

I studied six-month intensive Marketing Strategy Specialization* from the IE Business School. I learned to conduct consumer & market research, and strategies to segment audience, target, and position a product. I learned to analyze the four Ps of marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Specialization

University of California, Davis

I studied a five-month intensive Search Engine Optimization Specialization* at the University of California, Davis. I learned with modern real-world experiences, knowledge, and skills needed to optimize websites for search engines.

Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Google Professional Certificate

I studied a six-month intensive Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate program from Google. I honed concepts, and tools and worked on hands-on projects in digital marketing and e-commerce.

Marketing Analytics

Meta Professional Certificate

I studied a seven-month intensive Marketing Analytics Professional Certificate program from Meta. I practiced new skills through hands-on marketing analytics projects, using SQL, Python, spreadsheets, Meta Ads Manager, and Tableau.

Social Media Marketing

Meta Professional Certificate

I studied a six-month intensive Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate program from Meta. It honed my skills for an entry-level role in social media marketing. Furthermore, I gained expertise in various Meta business tools.

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* non-credit courses, on Coursera