How to Overcome Potential Challenges

Growth, Commitment, and Resilience

You know the frustration of encountering roadblocks that get in the way of your goals. Adversity is something that we all have to face in professional growth. Career development comes with many potential challenges.

2022 has been an exceptional year for my professional growth. I honed soo many skills in digital transformation and marketing. I learned from scratch to develop websites on WordPress — leading my first project from the concept phase to design, hosting, and finally building the website Delükss. I was proud of every step I took toward creating my first website.

Dangers and challenges low WordPress Security

But soon, I found myself in the face of adversity — With a strong temptation to throw in the towel and give up. I found hackers spread malicious malware all over my website. And they were using brute force attacks to crack my admin passwords.

With zero knowledge of WordPress security, this was a significant obstacle to face. So, I said to myself,

Look! It’s your business, your dreams, and you have to take full responsibility for it.”

I made a list of possible solutions and executed them one at a time. I posted on many groups for guidance, but it was not helpful. I used backups, but malicious files keep getting back.

Finally, I reached out to Hostinger’s customer service (my current web hosting platform). I must say, “People at Hostinger customer service are WordPress Gurus!”

They referred to me many valuable articles on WordPress security. They help me out in initiating my first few backups. They were friendly and always answered all my queries when I submitted request after request.

Solve WordPress security challenges

After reading those articles, I identified malware sources and removed them with the help of Hostinger customer service. I implemented advanced (five layers of) security measures to secure my websites from hacking. And I prevented brute-force attacks.

After all, this time hackers messed with the wrong person, haha!

I appreciate Hostinger’s excellent service, security measures, and user-friendly interference. Above all, their unwavering commitment to customer service. Even though my website was infected, their malware scanner feature prevented hackers from completely shutting down my website.

Adversity is your best teacher

If you’re working toward some goals in your career, you may want to learn how you can overcome potential challenges successfully. We can face adversity by taking control of our attitude. First, you have to believe you can handle and overcome any challenge. Dare to think positively! Ask for help and let adversity be your teacher.

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